Golden Week

In Japan, the week between the end of April and the beginning of May is called Golden Week, as some national holidays are concentrated in this period.

29th April, 3rd, 4th, 5th are national holidays. This year, some people can take 10 days off by taking two extra holidays on 2nd, Monday, and 6th, Friday, and putting them together with the two weekends.

In Otaru, cherry blossoms begin to bloom around this time, so Golden Week is a good outing season if the weather permits.

We have many attractions to offer here in Otaru. You can see lovely baby seals just born recently at Otaru Aquarium, and you can take antique steam locomotive at Otaru General Museum. Both facilities are in the same direction, and easily accessible by bus.

We are eagerly looking forward to your visit to Otaru this spring!

Gogatsu Ningyo at Kikkogura of Tanaka Sake Brewery

Gogatsu Ningyo is suits of armour displayed to celebrate Boys' Day.

The 5th of May is Children's Day in Japan, but originally, it is the day to wish the boys' good health and happiness.