It's Time for Stroll in Hokkaido

I think June is the best season to visit Hokkaido.

The weather here is quite pleasant at this time while most other areas in Japan are in rainy season.

It is still light after 7 p.m, which enables us to enjoy casual evening stroll.

It is also the beginning of fruits season. Strawberries are in season now, and cherry season is coming soon.

I really would like you to visit Hokkaido at this time of year.

The greens in Nakajima park in Sapporo are greener now.

Ducks are relaxing on the grass by the pond.

The Kamokamo River running near the park

There are so many carps in the river.

I found a Kimono that must have been a rental bridal costume for sale at a bridal shop while I was strolling near the park.

It reads only ¥8,000

No rainy season in Hokkaido!

When I jog every morning, I've noticed it is greener and greener in Hokkaido! No rainy season sounds perfect to everybody; local people and tourists♪

Yes, indeed!! It was a

Yes, indeed!! It was a perfect day for strolling in
Sapporo areas yesterday, wasn't it? The air was so clear and dry that I could see the view of the towns over Ishikari Bay from my house in Otaru. I really love this great climate of Hokkaido!