Charitable Doll Festival Party

Masa, the landlord of backpacker hostel "Morinoki" in Otaru gives Hinamatsuri or Doll Festival party for his friends and guests on the 3rd of March every year.

This year, the party was held a little belatedly on the 5th, and he treated us his proud handmade Soba or buckwheat noodles and assorted tempra including wild vegetables that are the delicacy in spring.

He usually offers food with no charge at his party, but only this time, he asked each participant ¥500 or more for the sufferers victimized by the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand last month.

Masa has a special feeling for New Zealand as the country that determined him to open his own backpacker hostel in Japan while he was in New Zealand on working holiday.

He has his original donation box for fund-raising in Morinoki. He is also going to donate 30% of the hostel charge from the guests of this month.

I think his idea is great, and I hope as many people as possible stay at Morinoki this month.

Masa's handmade Soba

We enjoyed it cold with dipping sauce as Mori-soba.

This is great Masa. Thank

This is great Masa. Thank you. New Zealanders are very grateful to you and all your generous guests for donating to help the people of Christchurch. We of the world are of one family. Domou arigatou gozaimasu!

I'll pass on your message to Masa.

Hello, Ms.Brown,

Thank you very much for your message to my blog post.
I will pass on it to Masa.

New Zealand is a special country for many people in Otaru since we have a sister city in New Zealand.
I for one, have stayed overnight in Christchurch.

We would be very happy if our small donation for the people damaged by the earthquake can be of a little help.

Donations for Earthquake Victims

Thank you for reporting this. Masa is generous and kind. I was very touched to see how people can use their imagination to find ways to fund support for New Zealand. I heard a report that Japanese rescuers have been on hand to help out in New Zealand. This is good news. I hope more people can go help out. (USA's neighbor, Haiti is still in recovery. It is very hard to rebuild. Help is so important.)

Unprecedented Disaster

Thank you very much for your message, Sonja san,

I have never ever imagined that the same kind of disaster occurred in Japan just in a few weeks after the tragic earthquake in New Zealand.

I just don't know what I can do or what I should do in front of this catastrophe.

As you can see in the Facebook, Masa responds swiftly on this situation by offering free accommodations to the stranded travelers.

The least I can do at the moment is to pray for the victimized people...

However, it was a good news for me that Corinna has found a good job in Otaru, and I am sure that you feel the same way.


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