Vicinity of Otaru Park

Otaru Park is one of the parks in Otaru located in about 15-minute-walk distance from JR Otaru Station.

You can command a nice view of the city from the top. The locals enjoy walking in the park especially in spring for cherry blossoms, and in autumn, for colorful foliage.

I like to walk around surrounding area of the park, too. There are beautiful houses, wonderful views, and cafes to have a break when I get tired from walking.

A beautiful house overlooking the built-up area

Otaru Public Meeting Hall

This old Japanese-style building was built as accommodation for Crown Prince Taisho in 1911 when he visited Otaru.

There is an authentic Noh Theater connected to this building.

In spring, you can find a beautiful scene like this.

A view in autumn from the east end
of the park

Even in winter, it's fun to walk on a sunny day.

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